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So We Are Going To Talk About:

Extraterrestrial Energy Built In Your Genome:

Extraterrestrial Information That Has A Major Role In How Many Of You See Yourselves, Individually And Collectively

Recognizing what extraterrestrials symbolically represent to you personally and socially.
How to tune in to that underlying extraterrestrial energy that already exists within you.

Tune in to the frequencies of some of your counterparts and in particular hybrid children.

Extraterrestrial Energy Is Closer To Home Than Many Of You May Have Realized

Within your genome you have what you call hybridize genetic, hybridize DNA, which represents different types of genetic modifications that your species' has gone through periodically throughout its evolution.

For it's not as if your species have been engineered or modified by just one group but other extraterrestrial groups as well, have also had their hands in shaping your species evolution and this is done through a co-creative interaction between your species and other extraterrestrials.

When You Call Upon Extraterrestrial Energies, Even Though Many Of You Are Aiming Your Focus On Something That Is Perhaps Up In The Cosmos Or In Another Dimension You Are Also Including A Particular Dimension Of Yourself That Exists

By The End Of This Transmission:

You will have in your tool kit a multitude of different practices and techniques that you can do to sharpen your focus in a manner that can allow for you to activate these extraterrestrial dimensions of your genome.

Will also allow for you to establish contact with specifics Beings of your choosing for you have many counterparts, you have many extraterrestrials, and guides that work with you.

You will learn how to make those guides more conscious, how to perceive them, how to interact with them, so you can feel more guided and supported on your path and journey forward.
    - RYO
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