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It Has Different Levels And Layers To It, That Only Can Be Perceived Through Subtle Observation

When you allow for yourself to rest in that lake, to meditate within that lake, you begin to notice that there is so much depth to it. 

As you know you can go beneath the surface deep down into the bottom of the lake and that is how we would describe the present moment. 

For you have what you would consider to be your past, you have what you would consider to be your future and you have what you would consider to be the here and now, forming a type of trinity, a triangle but in the center of that triangle is a multidimensional portal, a multidimensional gateway that in terms of your anatomy exists within the center of your being, your heart center, and this particular gateway, this particular portal is what allows for you, to experience the field of collective consciousness.

When People On Your Planet Desire To Experience More Of The Present Moment, It Can Be Something That They Have To Wrestle With

    Because they will experience what you would call the thoughts and the emotions of the internal world, and the thoughts and the emotions will always without exception be about the past or the future.

    When you allow for your energy to settle down into the heart center allowing for mental energies to descend, all of that energy which normally gets scattered through projection into the past and future, now blends together and is what allows for your DREAMS and your ASPIRATIONS to now be EMBEDDED into the present moment instead of scattered throughout the psychological past and future. 

    And when you gather those aspirations those desires into the heart center what ends up happening is you bring that which you are calling forth, you bring that which may seem to be in the past, or seem to be in the future into the present moment allowing for you to CUSTOMIZE the types of MANIFESTATIONAL EXPERIENCES that you are capable of creating. 

    It is from the heart that you can access the multi-dimensional communication network that the higher self and your other spiritual guides utilize to commune with you.

     We Will Be Showing You How To Open Up The Heart So It Allows For You To Peer Into The Multidimensional Nature Of The Present Moment

    We will show you how to use the heart center to have specific interactions with beings from your past, with beings from your future and with beings that represents other forms of consciousness that represents the here and now.

    This transmission will grow, it will develop your psychic skills and it will also allow for you to commune with more of your own inner spirit for that is what dwells within the very core of your heart center.

    You will find that this particular energy of the heart is like a sun and through the exercises and through the information that we share, you will have the tools needed to allow for your heart center to shine even as many of you move into what you call your winter season, which is normally the darker time of year, the colder time of year when things are contracted.

    So through this exercise and the information you will learn how to radiate the energy of the heart like a sun so you can experience more blissfulness more happiness and expansion during that contracted periods so you can really explore in a more multidimensional way. 
    - RYOKAH
    Greetings Everyone, My name is Tyler Ellison, I am the Channel for the Extraterrestrial entity RyoKah from the SassanI civilization! 

    In 2013 I began to see triangular ET craft in the sky and eventually had a full-blown kundalini activation and third eye opening. I was able to see the flow of energy throughout my body and in the space around me. Entities began appearing in the space around me, and I was having powerful visions and out of body experiences. All of this happened in the course of one night. The experience was so powerful that it led me to actually move locations from Delaware to Connecticut. 

    I spent the next year integrating the spiritual experiences that I gone through, and dedicated my time to studying esoteric information, alternative medicine and self-improvement.

    My vocal channeling Process began in 2014, I found some online recordings of Some leading-edge channeling classes that had been shared online. 

    I followed all of the exercises in the classes and began to have powerful activations and experiences. Initially, I had wanted to use the channeling ability to create a fictitious story that I had been working on involving government agents and extraterrestrials, however after hitting writer’s block I had a very powerful dream that greatly impacted me. In the dream, I was visited by beings of light who filled me with an unconditional love that I still feel to this day. I had to learn more, so I used my channeling training to access the beings I was visited by. I found that the information that flowed through was incredibly insightful and powerful, and as a result, I continued to practice. 

    I began connecting to different beings, the first was Mira of the Pleiades, who contacted me after doing a species of meditations on the star cluster. I soon found that I had the ability to tune into different beings from a variety of civilizations. 

    I had begun to work with begins from Arcturus, gods from different native American traditions and even inner earth beings. 

    Eventually I made contact with a being from the Sassani civilization who gave me the name initial name Riok to identify him.

    Who I Channel
    The Sassani are a hybrid ET race about 300 years in the future, they represent the blending of humanity and the extraterrestrial begins known as the Greys. They are a quasi-physical species and represent the balance of light and dark. They utilize the energies of unconditional love and excitement to organize their civilization and their lives. 

    Riok went through many changes as I worked with him, for I decided to make him my primary entity, and me and him have been working together since 2019. His name shifted to Ryok, then to Ryo, and most recently Ryokah, representing the ascended dimension of his consciousness.

    Ryokah is nonphysical and his consciousness is the result of the blending of grey, human and angelic
    frequencies. To me he appears to me possess some of the features iconic to the greys such as slender
    limbs and a large head, with angelic properties such as wings and a glowing aura. 

    His body appears to be made of stars and pixels of light. The channeled information from Ryokah is incredibly thought-provoking, insightful and unique. I find myself accessing his wisdom for guidance in my own life, and many have found his information to be wonderfully relevant and useful in their own journeys. 

    Ryokah delivers esoteric information related to the structure and nature of the existence, the history of universe, and why we are here having these experiences. 

    He also dives into a person’s life path and can perform what is he calls a soul reading, to assist people in understanding the nature of their lives and what innate esoteric powers and themes are relevant to them.

    About the Session
    During the beginning of the session we can take some time to get to know each other, if you have any questions for me you can present them during this time. 

    We can also use this time to set up recording features as well. I’ll then take a few moments to get into the channeling state through some breathing exercises and visualization. Ill close my eyes and make contact with my ET counterpart RyoKah. 

    Usually during the session, my eyes are closed the entire time, however, for some portions my eyes may open
    and this is usually if me and Ryokah are using a tool, such as a calculator or clock for calculations regarding a person’s life path number and soul reading.

    The actual channeling last anywhere from 50-65 minutes depending on how long we spend chatting during the introduction portion. There is no limit to the amount of questions you may ask, we encourage that you organize your questions from most important to least important, and that the questions be focused on you and your life/spiritual process.

     The answers Ryokah provides vary in length depending on the nature of the subject matter. In many instances his answers are very comprehensive and will provide great detail into the nature of the inquiry. 

    In some instances, he may actually present questions to gather more information before providing a full answer, and in other instances his answers may be incredibly simple, it all depends on the type of question he is presented with.

    When the Channeling is finished Ryokah will give a farewell and I will return to a more normalized state of consciousness. My eyes will open, and we can take a few moments to reflect on the session and your experience. 

    For me the channeling state feels like my mind as shifted into another dimension all together, it is almost like I am not in the same room anymore. My sense of mind and body feel incredibly expanded and it is almost as if the words Ryokah shares through me are perceived as subtle feelings or vibrations, and they are then translated into words through my brain and nervous system. The state can be incredibly blissful and relaxing.
    About the Livestream
    During our monthly livestream events we open with a warm greeting, sharing our gratitude and appreciation with our audience and explain the basic guidelines for asking questions to RYOKAH. 

    We then dive into an opening teaching where RYOKAH will discuss in-depth information on our monthly topic. After the teaching we have a Q/A portion where the audience may interact directly with RYOKAH and can share with him their questions and experiences the questioners may ask RYOKAH directly their questions or may type them into the chat.

     Following the Q and A portion we shift into a meditation designed to reinforce the nature of the teaching and to dive into an immersive shared space where the teaching is then psychically explored together.
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