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So We Are Going To Talk About:

The Parallels Between Egypt and Atlantis

The Transition The Atlanteans Went Through During The Collapse As They Migrated To Egypt, Other Continents And Into Other Dimensional Planes

- How the Atlanteans are actually still in contact, how they are still in communication with each and every single one of you.

- How many of you are - linearly speaking - the future selves to some of these ancient Atlanteans

-How you are a part of a story a dream, and in a certain sense a plan that you have been weaving as the oversoul.

The Atlantean self is very aware of this plan and these Atlantean selves are here to guide you. 

Think Of A Triangle With 3 Points:  Atlantis, Ancient Egypt and Extraterrestrial Open Contact Are Incredibly Linked

These three things are incredibly connected, we shall be describing them in full for you all.

When we say in ful we mean this: we give you about 90 percent the other ten percent is for your higher self to give you as you apply the information and as you go into the meditation with us during the event, during that moment your higher self gives you the remaining 10 percent which represents your particular connection to these both past and futures civilizations - linearly speaking - for they all exist right here right now, they all occur simultaneously alongside this present moment physical reality experience that you appear to be having now, and that is what allows you to communicate across time.

It’s like you are in a house and you are going to the next room, your room’s theme is one time period, your other room’s theme is another time period, it’s that simple when you can see multidimensional and that is what we are going to be assisting you all in doing during this event. 

Activation Of Certain Energy Centers

It will be much more than just communing with these alternate selves, these counterparts - it will also involve the activation of certain energy centers that allow for your divination abilities and your clairvoyant abilities to begin to increase to begin to grow, to begin to experience in your lives, in your bodies, more power, more energy and more awareness as to your particular story and relationship with these three points that make up the multidimensional triangle that symbolizes the new era, the new age, the new aeon that you are all moving into. 

These things are coming together to birth that portal that is the New Earth.

    - RYO
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