01/22/23 - 1:00 PM EST

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So We Are Going To Talk About:

The Nature Of Your Astral Plane

The Energetic Multidimensional Realities That Are 
Located Between Your Moon And Your Earth

How these astral planes sometimes can actually appear to physically manifest.  

The types of beings that interact with you on these planes.

The function, the role of this level.

The Astral Plane Can Be Many Different Things, Many Forms Of Exploration Can Be Had There, Many Lifetimes Can Be Had On The Astral Level

How different astral planes express throughout your solar system as they relate to the different planets within your solar system.

Each planet has its own astral reality, has its own astral plane.

We Will Guide You On A Journey That Allows You To Explore This Plane Into What We Have Described As The City In The Clouds. 

In our previous transmission we took you deep into the Earth so you could experience a type of rebirth.

Now we are going to go in the opposite direction allowing you to take all of that energy that you have gathered, that stability of the Earth's Womb.

We will be able to take that energy and bring it into the upper world, and whenever you bring the lower energies into the upper worlds, your manifestation power INCREASES and your ABILITY to TRAVEL more deeply into those upper world also increases.
    - RYO
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