Awaken Your Divine Sexual Power

Sexual Energy has the power to create life and when harnessed, this can be used for achieving health, higher states of spiritual consciousness and bliss. Join us to learn the sacred art of sexual alchemy. Harness this loving power that is your birthright and use it to consciously create your desired reality.

In this training you will learn:

How to bring the sexual energy to the various organs, glands and spiritual centers, creating full body awakening.
You will learn how to feed the inner soul and spirit of each organ with this special orgasmic chi.

Learn about esoteric sexual health, and how to build your essential power, a key for longevity and hormonal health
How to share and circulate sexual energy with your lover, as well as the universe!

Learn the secret art of spirit intercourse to awaken your higher self.

Use sexual power and the power of orgasm to summon your desires to you.

With the power of sexual alchemy your cup shall remain full, so you may share abundantly your gifts and walk your true path.

Dates: April 26, 27, and 28
Time: 1 PM EST
Duration: 2 hrs each day

Fusion of the 5 Elements and the Summoning of the 8 Powers

The elements and forces nature exist both within us and outside of us. These powers of nature influence our moods, energy, and alignment. 

When we become conscious of these powers, we begin to merge with them and in doing so we connect with our bigger self, the soul of the macrocosm. As the elements are purified and gathered, we find ourselves empowered and filled with inner peace. Once the 5 elements fuse together into one, our true self emerges which is one with all of creation.

In this training you will learn:

How to summon the 8 primary forces of nature into your aura, to empower protect and guide you on your journey
The secrets of yin yang and Taoist Ba Gua.

Creating inner peace through transforming negative emotions into positive ones.

Advanced energy circulation techniques to seal the aura and open the body, so it may receive the powers of the universe with ease.

One with the powers of nature, your true nature emerges!

Dates: May 10, 11, and 12
Time: 1 PM EST
Duration: 2 hrs each day

The Lesser Alchemical Union of Fire and Water

Inside of us dwells an inner god and goddess, symbolized elementally as inner fire and inner water.

These elements usually repel each other in that fire rises and water descends. Through the inner alchemical cauldron of the lower center the powers of fire and water can be inverted and unified. Once unified the inner god and goddess copulate, and the loving energy from their union is used to purify the body, transforming our physicality into energy. As this transformation of form into formless begins to
take place we set the stage for the creation of the energy body. 

The self-created energy body can used for Astral flight, and accessing higher dimensions. The practitioner feeds the energy body with love, virtue and higher spiritual energies, causing the energy body to become alive and ensouled with essence and consciousness.

In this training you will learn:

The timeless art and practice of internal alchemy, transforming the inner lead into inner gold

How to access the realm of space, and feed directly from the planets and stars

The practice of creating your own energy body, which survives death and carries your essence and spirit
into the higher planes of existence

The nature of conscious spiritual immortality

Going beyond the body to see new perspectives

Learning to be “in the world but not of the world”

How to merge the inner male and inner female, leading to the creation of the immortal fetus

Through Alchemy we learn the secrets of ourselves and nature leading us to become conscious stewards of the Universe.
Dates: June 7, 8, and 9
Time: 1 PM EST
Duration: 2 hrs each day

The Astral Ascent of the Tree of Life

The Ancient Kabbalists through their study of the inner and outer worlds, received the universal key, the Etz Chaim, the Tree of life: A map of not only of the universe, but of consciousness itself. 

The 10 dimensions of the Tree of life are linked together by 22 Bridges. As we traverse these bridges or “paths” we come into contact with divine beings, magickal worlds, secret inner powers, and occult knowledge. 

Through the Ascending of the Tree of Life we unify the macro and microcosm and awaken our true divine spark, causing our purpose and true will come to life. As we ascend higher and higher we approach the source of life directly, and merge with the Unified One. 

These 22 meditations will awaken your inner powers and will activate your spiritual destiny.

In this extensive and comprehensive training you will learn:

Banishing and Invoking Magick

How to open portals to the various realms of existence
The art of Astral flight and exploring the inner and outer universe.

The power and occult meaning of The Major Arcana of the Tarot.

The magickal properties of crystals, planets, and stars
How to make contact with various beings of the higher and lower realms.

How to use astral powers, which can affect physical reality.
Starts: August 8, 2024
Ends: January 02, 2025
Once a week,
every Thursday
Time: 1 PM EST
Duration: 2 hrs each day

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We are excited to present to you this channeled transmission merged with the healing effects of celestial sounds and music. 

We are looking forward to co-create with each and every one of you an unforgettable experience that assist us in unlocking our innate power, wisdom and love.