MONDAY, MARCH 20TH, 2023 | 1-2 PM EST



Be Initiated Into Ryo's Current Of Magick, 
The Life Force Of The Future And New Aeon

You are invited to The Portal of the Verde Sun, The Portal of the Lunar Leo, The Portal of the Golden Age: EL VERDE EHQAHNOXEH INITAIADAVA. 

You will receive a guided ritual activation by Ryo and a special channeling and blessing for the season.

MONDAY, MARCH 20TH, 2023 | 3-5 PM EST


Learn The Leading Edge of Reality 
Manifestation and Spirituality

365 Days of Magic is the middle path that leads one on the smoothest path of evolution.

The wheel of the year has 360 spokes. each ruled by an angel, as the sun and moon pass these spokes, their angelic power, and protection shines down and awakes within us.

The wheel of the year is God of the Universe when you complete the wheel, God consciousness will activate on many levels for you and you will have the omnipotence of a God to create whatever is needed: designing yourself, designing your life, designing the divine.

Angels, Archangels, Magicians, and Guides

What To Expect From This Training

This 2 hr in-depth training will teach you:

The basics of magick needed to summon these beings of immense power and change the 5 pillars of basic magick.

Magickally aligning your day and scheduling it so synchronicities flow smoothly to you.

We will talk about your purpose and finding it, so you know what you want to use your magick for.

Learn quick and easy rituals of immense power, that allow for you to achieve altered states within minutes with regular practice.

Learn to harness the power within you to manifest adaptively to the challenge you face. The angel that appears is the perfect one for your challenge, happy to serve and assist you in making your dreams real and your shadows into divine fantasy, new dreams, transformed and now a friend rather than the foe

No basic training is needed but a knowledge of the LBRP and LBRH Kabbalistic Cross are suggested for they teach the practitioner how to summon/evoke, banish/cleanse and these are the basic skills needed for successful manifestation and achieving clarity and connection to feeling.

Book recommendations:
- 72 Angels of Magick by Damon Brand

A special announcement will be made to those who attend! 

This material is time-tested and mathematically based on esoteric art, science, and geometry. 

Magick is performed, magick is focus, magick is life.

Watch The Video Below To Know What To Expect From The Event!

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"I Finished All My Tasks In 2 Hours
Without Even Doing Anything!"
Tom Doolie
Founder Of DooliePro

We are excited to present to you this channeled transmission merged with the healing effects of celestial sounds and music. 

We are looking forward to co-create with each and every one of you an unforgettable experience that assist us in unlocking our innate power, wisdom and love.